Model information for Non-propagating Form Drag and Turbulence Due to Stratified Flow over Large-scale Abyssal Hill Topography

This is the website with the analysis and model setups for my paper "Non-propagating Form Drag and Turbulence Due to Stratified Flow over Large-scale Abyssal Hill Topography", submitted to J. Phys. Ocean., 1 Nov 2017. Note that the paper is not in an accepted form, and the analysis and data may change.

Model setups

The models were run in a number of configurations, the most-important two of which are saved in ./archivedRuns or ./archivedRuns.tgz.


LWCoarse2/input/ was run, calling LWCoarse2/input/ to make the stochastic topography. This topography was saved at the ultimate 100-m resolution, and then bin-averaged to the coarse 1-km resolution used for these runs.

Model output was processed with archivedRuns/LWCoarse2/python/ to yield files like LWCoarse2/ that were then used for plotting in PaperPlots.ipynb


This is run in a very similar manner to the above, except the model fields from LWCoarse2 are interpolated onto a 100-m grid.


Most of the analysis is in the scripts, and those can be checked for accuracy and methods. The code is made somewhat complex by the necessity of reading in only parts of the very large data sets at a time.

The plotting is carried out in PaperPlots.ipynb. I haven't edited this for particular clarity. The raw notebook is available: PaperPlots.ipynb

This notebook relies on some data files I have not uploaded here, many of which are multiple gigabytes. Interested readers are welcome to request these data slices.

The original data is archived for most of the expensive runs. Some of the grid-cell size sensitivities were not saved as they are very quick to rerun.