Paper Data

AGU and AMS both have open-data policies. So for my more recent papers I am making an effort to make the processing scripts and at least the reduced data available. If you want raw data, please don’t hesitate to ask and I will try and help.

Wang et al 2017 (JGR)

Submesoscale kinetic energy variance in the North East Pacific Ocean

Klymak et al 2016 (JPO)

Tasmanian Internal Tide Modelling Paper

Klymak et al 2015 (GRL)

Klymak, J. M., R. K. Shearman, J. Gula, C. M. Lee, E. A. D’Asaro, L. N. Thomas, R. R. Harcourt, A. Y. Shcherbina, M. A. Sundermeyer, J. Molemaker, et al., 2016: Submesoscale streamers exchange water on the north wall of the Gulf Stream. Geophys. Res. Lett., doi:10.1002/2015GL067152. [ bib | DOI ]