Research Associates and Technicians

Johannes Gemmrich - Research Associate

Johannes is an expert on surface waves and air-sea interactions. He also teaches regularly at UVic.

Cailin Burmaster - Marine technician

Cailin is working as a Marine Technician on the C-PROOF project, helping to deploy and maintain a fleet of gliders and floats.


Jia-Xuan Chang (2019— PhD)

Jia-Xuan will be working on simulations of ocean mixing.

Kurtis Anstey (2019— MSc)

Kurtis will be working on ocean observations on the west coast.

Past Students and Members

Lina Rotermund (2016—2019 MSc)

Lina is working with Bill Williams and myself on flow and tidal mixing in the channels near Cambridge Bay. Lina has already gone on one Arctic exploration tour, and was part of the team that discovered the wreckage of Franklins’ lost ship the HMS Terror.

She is currently sailing with family.

Thesis: Rotermund 2019

Ken Hughes (2014—2018 PhD)

Ken looked at the dynamics of Penny Strait in the Canadian Archipelago. He is currently at Oregon State University as a post-doc.

Thesis: Hughes 2018

Hauke Blanke (2015—2017 Phd (incomplete))

Hauke was working with Charles Hannah and myself on drifter release studies. He is now working for the Institute of Ocean Sciences and continuing part time studies with Mechanical Engineering.

Rowan Fox - Instrument Technician (2009-2015)

Rowan worked on our instrumentation and co-ordinated our seagoing efforts. He is now working for Ocean Networks Canada, and seconded to Department of Fisheries and Oceans where he is working on autonomous glider operations.

Manman Wang (2014-2016 MSc)

Manman looked at the interleaving of water masses in the Labrador Sea as part of the VITALS project. Manman is submitting a paper, and is now working for Ocean Networks Canada.

Wang, 2016

Di Wan (MSc, with Mike Foreman)

For her MSc Di looked at the dynamics of Cayuquot sound on Vancouver Island, a locale of significant fish farming. Now she is working as a Research Technician at the Institute of Ocean Sciences and working on a PhD on the dynamics of the flow through the Discovery Islands and Discovery Channel with Mike Foreman and Stan Dosso

Wan, 2013

Jeannette Bedard (PhD, with Svein Vaigle)

Jeannette was working with Svein Vagle on the hydrography and sound speed properties in Cumberland Sound on Baffin Island as part of the Ocean Tracking Network project. She is now working with Ocean Networks Canada and and continuing graduate studies with Stan Dosso.

Emma Murrowinski (MSc 2014)

Emma considered the energy transfers and turbulence caused when an internal wave impacts a continental slope. She now works for Rockland Scientific.

Murowinski, 2014

Ryan Clouston (MSc 2013)

Ryan is looked at the amplification of exchange over sills caused by tidal forcing.

Clouston, 2013

Wendy Callendar (MSc 2009)

Wendy found that small-scale headland eddies generated by tidal flow around a headland can coalesce into large mesoscale offshore self-propagating dipole pairs. She now works as a Research Technician at the Institute of Ocean Sciences.

Wendy’s paper from her thesis appeared in Ocean Sciences:

Callendar et al, 2011

Her thesis: Callendar 2009, (PDF 9Mb)